Bundle – Your Yoga Challenge of the month

Experience Yoga, includes warm up, hip openers and meditation.

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Suited to all levels, learn sun salutations, seated and standing sequence to open your hips and practice balancing to increase concentration. Finish off with moving your mind inward.

This bundle includes the following videos from our store:

  • D2-015 - Standing Sequence Ashtanga

    Asthanga specific discipline Yoga.

  • D2-016 - Balancing sequence

    Balancing poses Yoga

  • D2-017 - Yoga Seated sequence

    Yoga seated sequence hips and spine

  • D2-018 - Medidation

    Chair meditation.

  • D2-013 - Sun Salutation Beginners

    Beginners Sun Salutation Yoga

  • D2-014 - Sun Salutation Advanced

    Advanced Sun Salutation Yoga.